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An empowered Ignacian Marian Community witnessing the loving compassion of Jesus Christ towards ethical and corporate responsibility for inner and social transformation for the common good.


We commit ourselves to:

  1. Grow deeper in discernment and interior freedom to be prophets of hope in today’s world;

  2. Continuously form Ignacian Marian leaders who witness to faith, excellence and service in varied socio-cultural settings;

  3. Constantly pursue innovative programs, approaches, and educational strategies to develop world-class professionals;

  4. Build up resources and capabilities to respond to contemporary issues towards enhancement of quality of life; and

  5. Expand our educational thrust for the poor

Institutional Goal

St. Mary’s College of Labason, an Ignacian Marian School, is committed to provide quality Catholic education and produce graduates equipped with solid Christian faith, academic competence, deep sense of service and commitment to church and society.

Institutional Learning Outcome

St. Mary’s College of Labason produces graduates with unwavering faith in the Triune God, perform tasks with the highest standard of competence and committed to humble service.

Institutional Objectives

St. Mary’s College of Labason aims to form Ignacian Marians, who in their capabilities, knowledge, skills and attitudes:

  1. exhibit deep faith in the Triune God;

  2. develop capability for constructive thinking, capacity for research and  creativity to enhance the quality of life; 

  3. possess appropriate values, understanding and skills in the area of technology needed to protect life and advancement in the workplace; 

  4. promote national and international understanding with a sense of national identity, cultural awareness and sensitivity, and moral integrity; and

  5. generate responsible choices to effectively function as resilient members of society, contributing to national and global progress.

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